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She Had It All

December 26, 2010
By Keilah GOLD, Eureka, Missouri
Keilah GOLD, Eureka, Missouri
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That girl, she had it all.
Money, boys, and perfect grades,
A future at a number one school,
With a one-way ticket already paid.

And she also had those things
That money can’t buy
Like long blonde hair
And big blue eyes.

Those boys,
They dangled at her fingertips
For a hand up her skirt
And a taste of her lips.

She wore her eyeliner thick
And her shirts real low
And her skirts real short
So there was more skin to show.

And every week at the mall
She whipped out a handful bills
To buy lots of clothes
And birth control pills.

The girls called her lots of names
But she obviously didn’t care.
She had everything she wanted;
She was floating on the air.

Then one spring night,
We were wishing her dead
When we heard on the news
She’d shot herself in the head.

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