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Forbidden Dreams

December 26, 2010
By FallingSkye SILVER, Hamilton, Missouri
FallingSkye SILVER, Hamilton, Missouri
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Don't forget to love yourself.

Why is it that every time I share my ideas and dreams
I’m knocked down?
They take away my support and then
I hit the ground.

My dreams are crushed.
And my thoughts are hidden.
My hopes and dreams
Seem forbidden.

No one cares about
How I feel.
My hearts love
Is starting to peel.

No one is there to help me
Get through this.
But I do have dreams
And I have a list:

I want to let people know that
They should follow their dreams.
Even if their minds are
Ripping at the seems.

If only people would understand
About how I feel.
I want to shelter people
And allow them to heal.

Instead of making them weep
And suffer.
I’d show them that from hate and sadness
They have shelter.

I know how they feel
When their dreams are crushed.
We can become confused
And have quite a brain rush.

We should all learn
To follow our dreams.
And we should all be brave
When the world is mean.

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