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Again I Lose

December 23, 2010
By JatiaE. BRONZE, Hampton, Virginia
JatiaE. BRONZE, Hampton, Virginia
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2 years ago I packed my bags
I couldn’t help but look back
At all the things we’d been through
How close we’d become through the years
When I left we both shed tears
They continued to fall when I moved to my new house miles away
To start my new life
Though I wished and prayed and hope to stay
Then I met him and he helped the pain fade
He wasn’t a best friend as you had been but more
He was beautiful and gentle
I fell in love and couldn’t let go
I get the news that we may move somewhere new
I honestly don’t know what to say
Or how I should act
I loved all my old friends that are still there with you
But now I have my hearts’ desire a boy that’s made my dreams come true
And I think back to 2 years ago
I will cry my eyes out tonight
Because now I know it’ll happen again
But now it’ll hurt more
I don’t have my friends and I don’t have him
I don’t have anything , again

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