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It's Just Her Luck.

December 22, 2010
By elizabethr PLATINUM, Lynnville, Indiana
elizabethr PLATINUM, Lynnville, Indiana
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I can tell,
with every breath of yours,
that you're falling for
the seduction of my eyes;
I know they're gonna
play with yours tonight.
The emotions of your essence
have heightened with every
inward curse of yours.
You are hers.

I've never seen you look at her beauty
with the stare you've so often
gazed into my eyes.
I've never seen you stare at her
with the awe with which you look at
my destitute of outer appearance.
Yet, you are hers.

I've never beheld the grazing
of her side with that seducing way of yours.
Never once have I seen your lips
touch the smooth skin of her mouth...
much less with the curiosity, humility
that you've seeped your like
onto these lips of mine with.
But you belong to her.

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