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January 2, 2011
By Wicked.Hex SILVER, Roseau, Minnesota
Wicked.Hex SILVER, Roseau, Minnesota
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Take time to realize what your going to miss...

I take this long dark path
that always haunts my dreams.
A face, I don't know showing me the way.
The questions flow as I walk down the path.
"who are you?" "What are you? "Where are we going and why?"
None of them are answered, all you do is lead the way to a place unknown.
The only light comes from the torch that you carry. It lights the way in a fiery glow.
As I shiver against the cold damp breeze, we reach a door.
Lights shines from the cracks.
The torch goes out as you open the door.
The walls fills with a white light, you turn to me and walk through the door pulling me with you.
We disappear into a haze.
We walk what seems like eternity before we reach another door.
We step through but, once again I awake, leaving you behind me.
Till next time, I dream.

The author's comments:
This one is mainly about who life seems to repeat its self and never give you any answers one what i going to happen later on in life.

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