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Evil Them

December 28, 2010
By enilorac12 PLATINUM, Encino, California
enilorac12 PLATINUM, Encino, California
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Robber, robber and get down; Bang, bang cover your eyes
Pray for missed shots—here on the cold floor
The bank is merely a tree; money grows on it
Still the green has roots in evil, like them.

SWAT, SWAT shoo this fly; Boom, boom the floor vibrates
It must be an explosion—open your eyes
There are a million prisons in the robbers’ lives
And I’m caught in one of them with them.

Hurry, hurry they’re coming back out; Duck, duck for your life
Hide behind the counter—don’t breathe
Maybe they won’t notice a missing branch on the tree
Maybe the earth will recollect them.

“SWAT, SWAT, on the floor, on the ground!”
Savior for me; but for the hostage in the back
Bang, bang, murder, murder, thud
Now a shootout—cover your eyes.

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