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Ode to S'mores

December 19, 2010
By emu1016 SILVER, Your Street, Pennsylvania
emu1016 SILVER, Your Street, Pennsylvania
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O, s'mores smoking soundly on the stick over the crackling fire,
You make me long for gooey paradise
yet the Hershey's chocolate is just as tempting
All under the same glorious gram cracker
creating heaven in my mouth.
your fire-proof center mesmerizes everyone far and wide
leaving a legacy behind.
Those who say you are a waste of calories and are fattening lie-
for you are worth every bite!
Your flavors work together better than peanut butter and jelly creating a match made for a king.
Tom and Jerry,
Chocolate and Vanilla,
Hercules and Pegasus,
Salt and Pepper,
X and Y,
Bella and Edward,
May all be great combinations,
But you my friend, are the best of all.

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