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December 9, 2010
By Gracious PLATINUM, Go Away, Kansas
Gracious PLATINUM, Go Away, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
"life sucks and then you die, yeah, i should be so lucky"

-Jacob, Twilight

I’m still that girl who falls when she runs, Getting back up, because falling is fun.

And he held my hand.
Whispered sweet insanities in my ear.
Told me stories of princes and knights,
And the beautiful princesses that
Everyone loved.
I’d like to be his princess.

He liked to sing me songs.
About sunshine,
And rainbows,
And puppy dogs.
He loved his songs very much.
I wish I could sing for him.

I learned so much from him.
About icicles and dandelions.
And how birds talk to each other.
Me and him, we could talk forever.

But now we do other things.
We talk about politics,
And sing church hymns,
He tried to explain physics.
I don’t much care for physics.

With his growing old,
And my growing up,
I don’t think he can see.
I’d still like to be his princess.

The author's comments:
This is about me and my dad, whom i love very much

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