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Where Im From

December 6, 2010
By Braids SILVER, Gibsonton, Florida
Braids SILVER, Gibsonton, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
its not all about the mountain, but to the ant running across your shoe

I am from fighting,

When they think were asleep
From apple empanadas with sugar
I am from footsteps

Heard at 2:00 am
(Its so hard to try not to cry)
I am from strawberries just picked and washed

I’m from the middle of nowhere

As the light hovers to find him
From a death

To a song which I wrote

With words I won’t forget
I’m from a kiss that is now a daze to remember

From Elmo and Harold who can save me
I’m from Raw, NXT, Superstars, and Smack Down

For they open my eyes

I’m from A Walk to Remember
From a heart torn out by no one special now
I’m from a do wrong

And now do it right

From smacked and kicked

As we play to rough
For I have shoeboxes

Now pictures overflow
I’d find ruined or perfectly fine

Shove them under my bed

Where my dog may be

Or stacked in a corner

Only where I can reach
Either way

They’re there for me to remember me

The author's comments:
its a little piece of me.

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