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November 14, 2010
By silverbookslayer GOLD, Upper Marlboro, Maryland
silverbookslayer GOLD, Upper Marlboro, Maryland
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"To know my deed, t'were best not to know myself"-Macbeth

Barefoot and naked

I'm treading on broken glass

and the cold wind is eating at my flesh

(but I feel no pain)

I'm walking down the path of my own destruction

(and I feel no remorse)

those lights in the distance sing of relief

but I know the truth

they will just blind me without care

just like everything and everyone else

slowly burning, gnawing, corroding

my flesh, my heart, my mind, my soul

and I stand here and smile

because I know death tells no lies

it brings sweet release and peace (just as promised)

so burn me faster

I'll laugh when i'm gone.

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