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Gathered Thoughts

December 4, 2010
By kaelyn GOLD, East Northport, New York
kaelyn GOLD, East Northport, New York
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All time is lost
Shattered by the confines
of Humanity.
We all fall victim to
our own desire for Reason
for purpose, for hope.
When in reality
why do we need a reason to live?
We use Death for an excuse
not to live.
Dying is the ultimate escape
whether it be the gateway to bliss,
or the peaceful underground.
When will the searching cease
And the living commence?
For Happiness to seep,
into our minds, our bodies, our souls,
Reason must give way to Impulse,
the Constant Analysis must yield
to Unconfined Pleasure.
Because Time has us all captive,
in a vicious cycle
of life and death
old and new.
It, not Death, is our ultimate enemy.

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