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Dear Lord, Dear Child

November 20, 2010
By PoeticTwirler PLATINUM, Wantagh, New York
PoeticTwirler PLATINUM, Wantagh, New York
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Dear Lord,
here is my wish
bring me death today
let it painless and quick
my life is done and over
I am tired and weak
and want to be gone
people are mean, cruel,harassive
making me want to be gone....

Dear Lord,
grant my wish
please take the pain away
I contain hatred for myself
I'm fat and ugly
please remove me from your unheavenly earth
Lord it is my time, give me wings to fly

Dear Child,
Let you know
it is not your time
I will not bring death for you today
or the next day or the next
I will not remove you from the world
I made for you

Dear Child,
you are not tired or weak
you are not fat or ugly

Dear Child,
please understand one thing
death is granted to those
who have lived their lives
who are old and sick
not for whom that wish it
child death is not ready for you yet
you will not be granted wings
you are not ready to fly

Dear Child,
listen to me please
you are loved
and you love
I the Lord love you
remember that please

Dear Lord,
you will not grant my one wish?
please Lord pleas....

Dear Child,
this is one wish I cannot grant

Dear Lord,
you will not grant this?
you want me to suffer?
I do not want to suffer
I will grant my wish

Dear Lord,
please understand one thing
I need to fly
if you will not, i will give myself wings

Dear Lord,
thank you for loving me
but it is my time to fly....

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