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Burning Fire

November 18, 2010
By WolfRider GOLD, St. Paul, Minnesota
WolfRider GOLD, St. Paul, Minnesota
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It burns, burns, burns,
Ripping its way through me,
Racking among thoughts and memories,
Destroying everything in its path.

It eats, eats, eats,
Emptying me of everything else,
Only leaving me with anger and pain and hurt,
Burning my screaming heart.

It stays, stays, stays,
And won’t go away,
Filling me with doubt until I cannot separate
The truth from worries and fears.

It burns, eats, and stays,
Tearing and yanking me apart
From the inside out;
The aching fire of anger, heartbreak, pain and hate.

The author's comments:
Inspiration from this poem came from myself thinking about patterns when people are angry. It just wipes everything away; who you are, who your friends are, everything. And so I did my best to describe what anger is.

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