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November 24, 2010
By LoveLostNeverFound GOLD, Freeland, Pennsylvania
LoveLostNeverFound GOLD, Freeland, Pennsylvania
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My scars don't lead me in the path that I'm headed, they simply remind me of where I've been.

I wish I could be
Like the man in my head
Though envious
And dejected is he

He sits with a smirk
In the gravel
And the dirt
Not disheartened from
What he believes

Oh believe me, I strive
To be not who I appear
But my endeavor hurts my pride
And I am cast out with fear

To cope with rejection
I change my reflection
I cannot behave how I feel
When my thoughts are not real

Just an illusion in time
Meant to add another rhyme
To the droning and groaning
I express through these words

But how I long to be
Like the man in my dreams
He's worthless but
Still bides his time

And when he conquers his fear
I believe he will find
There's much more to life
Than there appears

And when he casts away
The chains that tie
His mortal bonds
He will overcome all odds

And what a grand, grand man he will be

He sits with a smile
Still fathoming the guile
He declined
As it only brought woe

And he sits in his throne
Bejeweled with many stones
What a grand, grand man
What a grand, grand throne

To overcome rejection
He changed his reflection
And now stands the man
In front of the mirror

He knows not his face
The beauty he beholds
The face of a legend
A tale yet untold

Boldly, he waits
In his room of solitude
Nothing can harm him
His life is eternal

He muses to himself
Nothing can best him
So what is there to fear
What is there to fear?

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