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November 24, 2010
By Shadowfoxz DIAMOND, Washington D.C, District Of Columbia
Shadowfoxz DIAMOND, Washington D.C, District Of Columbia
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You bring fire to these cold, dead cheeks of mine
Cause heat to rise in them, and revive
A blush that everyone can notice
One that your words filled with mirth prolong
You break into the prison, which locks away my smile
You turn these lips up, and dust must scatter away
Because it's been so long since that happened
Your smile coaxes one out of me
You make me feel like a fool for loving you so
Like a drunken idiot, that still is satisfied
And though there will be no passing out nor vomiting
The sheer infatuation I have for you is intoxicating
It always helps when you say be happy
For the heart beats faster, and the mind wraps around your words
I find myself listening more, and wanting to change that for you
But you're too broad you don't know what you do to me
You assume that it's not just you that brings me smiles
So please, discover, and awaken this dead soul
Discard enervate, I'd rather be animate

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