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Sugar-Coated Inspiration

November 21, 2010
By Danica SILVER, Avondale, Arizona
Danica SILVER, Avondale, Arizona
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"It is our choices, that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities." -- Albus Dumbledore

There is a sweetness in the air tonight
sugar that tingles on my tongue
tingles on my skin
and makes my thoughts rush past
in a blur.
A saccharine substance
that seems to wash down
from the milky moonlight.
The sweet milky moonlight.
My thoughts race
my fingers dash quickly
but forever fail to keep up.
The sweetness in the air
penetrates my soul
twirls my thoughts
and emerges through my fingertips
in the form of sweet sugary words
honey-thick words
warm vanilla words.
And once they have poured from my fingertips
like the sweet milky moonlight pours from the sky
my thoughts can rest at ease
and simply enjoy
the sweetness in the air tonight.

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