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teach me to forget

November 16, 2010
By freakgirl98259 GOLD, Ware, Massachusetts
freakgirl98259 GOLD, Ware, Massachusetts
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"look at you, miserable fool get of your knees and your prayes fall apart god has turned his back on you hevens gates are shut and now your knocking on the devils door"

do you remember how we used to be
how everything came as easy as breathing
do you remember the first kiss of many
soft and sweet
do you remember the late nights
lieing in your arms
and everything seemed just...right
back when i was willing to give up everything to make it work
because if you can so easily forget
teach me
show me how to get over you
whenever i see you now i pretend im fine
when on the inside i feel dead
teach me not to see your face
every time i close my eyes
show me how to burn our picture
and not care about you
now nothing else matters
because all i really want is you
and you just walked away
now im drowning in the emptiness
and starving for the feel of your kiss
just one last time
and you don't even care

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