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November 11, 2010
By ashleybrink GOLD, Ballwin, Missouri
ashleybrink GOLD, Ballwin, Missouri
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a whispered sound
a tickling sensation
as snow falls past my face
at last winter has come
crunch crunch
my boots say
as I walk across the new snow
my breath hangs in the air before me
oh how wonderful this time is
melted snow sliding slowly down my face
as I walk through the field I look at the life around me
trees have lost there leaves
conserving their strength for the coming spring
Squirrels run through the bare branches
seeking their summer stores of nuts
birds take off from the nest
leading their young chicks
deer canter through the trees
seeking the last of the lush grass
winter is a time for death
beautiful in its cold stillness
harsh in its unforgivness
it marks the worlds passage
it tells us all things must end
So that a new time can begin

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