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November 12, 2010
By Van-Auditorie SILVER, Pass Christian, Mississippi
Van-Auditorie SILVER, Pass Christian, Mississippi
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Art is never finished, only abandoned. - Leonardo Da Vinci

The pages of his life unfolds
But the true story was never told
His family had died all around him
He was the one who had killed them
They wouldnt be last
Who would always be trapped in the past
This man was never found out
For the lives he had taken out
After he finally died
Reliving his past was the punishment to be
The blood he spilt
The lives he did tilt
All the funerals of the ones he had killed
Forced to attend against his will
He could not believe his eyes
All of those lies
Those that he had told
All of those lies
That he had sold
The truth was finally shown
From their bones
Bulletholes, Cuts and Slashes
Now all written in these dashes
Which you have read
That he never said
Now being spread
Of the stories of those weary and dead
We all know he is buring
The innocent will never
They are loved always and forever
He is hated always and forever
They feel no pain
But he will never be sane

The author's comments:
My 4th poem

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