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Sticking Together Like Glue

November 6, 2010
By Fran94 SILVER, Hayward, California
Fran94 SILVER, Hayward, California
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Roses of the rainbow scattered,
Leaves of fire on the ground.
Raining blue rose petals from the sky patter-
That together makes a rustling sound.

Pairs of songbirds chirp in a new beginning.

Honey is enticing.
Its sweet and tangy smell is ringing,
Its sunflower petal-color is glowing,
And its cool and smooth texture is showing.

Teddy Bear drinks honey to ease his pain.
Warm and soothing green tea helps keep the Doll sane.

Teddy Bear and the Doll feel attached by a thick string somehow.
… They speak without a ring from silence.

However, they speak without words,
But with dings like little bells.
They start to hear the melody of the songbirds.
A feeling in Teddy Bear and the Doll swells.

The twists of the string resemble a double helix,

The string shortens a great deal.

Glue forms between Teddy Bear and the Doll-
Puts them together with no wall.
They are two puzzle pieces that complete the puzzle.
The hearts of Teddy Bear and the Doll softens.
The pain in both of their hearts has now a muzzle.
They put their pain in coffins.

… Was a happy ending found?
Or is a nightmare going to come round?

Teddy Bear and the Doll have to come out of their shells-
So only they can tell…

The author's comments:
I was inspired by The Raven by Edgar Allan Pie to write a narrative poem. At first, I didn't know what the poem was going to be about. However, the movie Toy Story 3 gave me an idea as to what the poem will about. So... Hope you enjoy!

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