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Various Titles

November 8, 2010
By bloodykittenz GOLD, Calgary, Other
bloodykittenz GOLD, Calgary, Other
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Words stray from my brain like seagulls from man.
The trees still grow with branches of maple, liken, oak.
Water them and in love they will soak.
Patterns of leaves, falling from the sky.
Kids jump through them shooting them high.
In a grave of colored leave I’ll forever sleep
Pile them faster, forever deep.
Changing views
With the seasons and colors
What we look at, we all know to be assumed.
The day of a tree, so lonely and willowed.
Pine or birch, in solitude I sleep.

Sunlight leaks out of my heart so slowly.
When I walk, it comes out my toes.
The knife you cut me with left me wounded.
I have accepted the rip.
Binded and stitched, there’s only one thing dripping out.
Ultraviolet rays, brighter than the sun.
Seeping out of my heart, filling up my body.

The tree of patience,
quivers from the winds strong blows,
Yet his roots are firm.

Clouds go slowly by
like chapters in earth's strange book,
I won't see the end.

The freaking cat meowed all night and day.
But I wouldn’t let it meow today.
I cut its voice box out.
It just wouldn’t stop.
The cat just brought it on himself.

I had a pig on my old farm.
It was cute and would never harm.
One day we killed her.
Bacon was preferred.
Her skin and bones tasted so good.

Present Moments
I am all the days that you choose to ignore.
I’m winning, but no-one’s keeping score..
My words leak out, missing gloss.
And so I have encountered a loss.

You only stayed a moment, but we all know that you’re the one.
You’re a spider and I’m in your web I’m spun.
We walk past, and I spill silence on your face.
And you pull out a smoke from your cigarette case.

My words are colorful, and dripping wet.
And through my skin, words I sweat.

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