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Escapades: Malaria With a V

October 26, 2010
By Taylor.Sangria GOLD, Deltona, Florida
Taylor.Sangria GOLD, Deltona, Florida
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and it starts like this:

a simple procedure
go drinking for leisure

two friends in over our heads
never imagined we'd drown

a small hop over the balcony edge

poor girl, i caught her by the legs

she owes me her life...



no way up, no point in down

(i could have left her for dead)
three wolves to the right

glowing cigarettes and glowing eyes
come straight off captain morgan's boat

alpha stalks to my side, beta to hers
omega lurks in the shadows, awaiting his scraps

cold and frightened, we shrank into ourselves

cigar shotguns and 'i like your shoes'
they spoke the sweetest things...

discord revisited:

all plans abandoned
no way up, no point in down

(i should have left her for dead)

invited in, we'd be rude to refuse

not to mention foolish -- the bugs and the cold and the drunks

beta departs for better things
hesitation -- two wolves, she and i, stranded


the bear sweats through his night terrors spread-eagled

passed out from the booze and the nyquil

omega retreats to his corner, immersed in a drunken child's slumber

the alpha lamb beckons us closer, sweat-drenched bear sleeps quietly sideline

rude to refuse, not to mention foolish
two and a half hours to get perfectly placed

clothes are shedding, now we're all sweating

cuddle up to the killer
smell the cologne and the smoke and the stale stench of booze

his light caress... he's got no accent when he whispers
stacked like sardines between claustrophobia and heart murmurs

the silence and the sweat sink in
calm and confident, we sleep


before the coast is clear

from behind the door we hear

'two of the girls are missing'

The author's comments:
Escapades: Part II of II

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