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What is Orange?

November 5, 2010
By BookWorm579 PLATINUM, Elk Grove, California
BookWorm579 PLATINUM, Elk Grove, California
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"à cœur vaillant rien d’impossible [nothing is impossible to a willing heart]" -French Proverb

Orange is the color of joy,
Of happiness;
Not like red of anger or
Yellow of cowardice.
Orange is positive.
Orange makes orange juice
Out of life’s lemons.

Orange isn’t primary,
Orange is a combo,
Unable to exist on its own.
Happiness isn’t primary,
Happiness can’t exist on its own,
Without fear and anger…
Without fear and anger,
There would be no happiness
No context.

No orange.

Orange is a fruit,
And oranges grow and ripen.
Then orange is sweet and fresh and new.
Orange is a fruit that grows heavy and
Falls to the ground.
Then orange is dry, and oranges rot.
Orange becomes raisin-like and sickly-sweet
And mutates brown.

Happiness grows and
Falls and rots. Soon happiness is
Gone into the anger and fear.

Orange is the color of joy,
And life has its oranges,
But life grows
Yellow lemons and makes
Red, shriveled raisins for a living.

The author's comments:
I decided to write a meditation on the color orange and its connotations. I wrote it first with no structure or plan, and then, I organized it into lines and stanzas.

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