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With out you

November 4, 2010
By xxVEExx BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
xxVEExx BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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"Don't try to cover the whole sky with the palm of your hand."
~Korean proverb~

I never want this moment to ever end
When everything is nothing this wont send
I wait here forever to see u smile
Cause' I know everything is nothing without u from a mile

I hold on to this moment forever
Just to see that it wasn't just what ever
Thoughts run though everything I do
Pieces of memories fall down to u

I knew what I didn't have so this must be to low
With no where to go I just want to let u know
I wont let u go, holding on to ur hand tight
Looking up in this night sky to see that I love u right

I know u dnt know, u dnt understand
When im falling its hard to stand
Thoughts read unspoken just for now
But I really know that everything is nothing, how?

Waiting for something to just disappear
I hold on to u, waiting for that smile to appear
This love was never truly ever fine
I walk upon this dreaded and weary line

Where everything is nothing with out u
I stumble and fall but these are the things I miss of u
Trembling with fear of loosing u when ur not here
I cry and cry with this awful fear

I look in the mirror wondering y u let me go
Seeing that it ends here without u so
Just to see u smile with out me there
I wish I was something with out u its just not fair

Where I walk alone, I know that ill reach the end
But its hard to let go when ur in a trend
Leading my way out of this with out any say
I hear these thoughts as I begin to lay

Parts of this heart still beat with that missing piece
Dreaming of u, I know I wont rest without peace
Drawing the last straw im really here with out ur embrace
I conclude that I was just another face

Tearing these pieces that didn't matter
I only want u, isn't that rather?
Picking up flowers as the sun begins to fall
Everything was in the way to see that I was too small

Talk and talk with out u here to see
I just really really want to be
My head hurts from the pain of screams
All I had close to me were dreams

It truly seems to be this nightmare
This loneliness I can no longer bare
Narrow doors as I slowly walk
This door wont just suddenly unlock

Torn into small pieces of doubt
These memories without u are to the ground
Backing up, wanting time to go back
This envy I already lack

Black and cold I see, its not the same with out u
I loved u with everything I had it was only two
Burning bridges shore to shore
This is just a life with out u to bore

The author's comments:
something i wrote on things that i feel and think

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