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Trees: God's Giant Letters

November 2, 2010
By Laura16 GOLD, Baldwin, Wisconsin
Laura16 GOLD, Baldwin, Wisconsin
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Their great hands splayed,
reaching for Heaven,
holding earth in its branches,
a keeper of time,
a keeper of truth,
its bark holding years of memories,
moss clinging mercilessly,
a keeper of life,
a keeper of hope,
They grow with strength and glory,
grasping the sky with an iron grip,
a keeper of love,
a keeper of dreams,
the thoughts woven through the knots of its trunk,
and the barrier of roots,
we climb to the top,
for our destiny awaits,
in the keeper of time,
in the keeper of truth,
in the keeper of life,
in the keeper of hope,
in the keeper of love,
in the keeper of dreams,
God’s giant letters,
written in his hand.

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