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Huffing Ashes

November 3, 2010
By SarahCorine SILVER, Gilbert, Arizona
SarahCorine SILVER, Gilbert, Arizona
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"Jesus loves me, yes I know, for the bible tells me so, yes Jesus loves me, the bible tells me so."

Fifteen years, three months, and three days ago
Living in the streets of a lazy city
Walking around like nothing happened
Strolling your babies from street to street
And begging for food, for water, and for help

Your babies wished you begged for health
What did you do when begging hours ended?
Did you huff ashes to stay warm
In the cold streets of California
Or did you pray for forgiveness

Alas, a man opens the door to the street
And sees your babies tears but ignores your regret
He reaches out his hands and love
And pulls your babies forward
Inside, a warm crib awaits to save your babies

He simply leaves you alone knowing that you were wrong
You claim that he stole your babies and yet
He claims that you abandon them
So who will they believe?
The woman who begged for them
Or the man that raised them

It’s quite clear who your babies should believe
They might be bold in saying
That everything you say and do
Brings them closer to him

When all of your babies love goes to him
Where does that leave you?
Living on the streets of a lonely city
Walking and talking like nothing happened
And begging for food

Don’t you beg for the forgiveness of your babies?
Or are you to busy huffing ashes
No forgiveness, no bonding, no laughter or smiles
Not even pity smiles can be spread across your babies faces

Where in a world
Does one plus one plus one equal zero
In yours it seems
One son plus one daughter plus one father
Equals zero love and forgiveness

Perhaps when the day comes
That you shall choke on your ashes
Your regret will end
And your babies tiny little
Hearts of devastation will die

The author's comments:
What comes to mind when I hear the word, "mom"

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