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October 27, 2010
By Chelsea3883 SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Chelsea3883 SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Your actions too slow,
Please pick up the pace,
or we’ll have to disqualify you
from the Human Race.

Your feelings too complex,
Your thoughts too jumbled,
Your heart too scared,
We’re afraid you’ve fumbled.

Your attitude too matured,
Your self esteem too low,
Your inability to go
along with the flow.

Your mind too independent,
Your emotions too delicate,
This race you’re running in-
you just don’t fit.

Your past too complicated,
Your future too important,
Your present too busy,
You’ll have to be deported.

Leave this place,
for you have failed.
Go to a far distant land,
and tell them this tale.

Maybe then they’ll believe
that you are not indeed


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