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The Siren

October 27, 2010
By Sammmmmmmm GOLD, Jefferson, Maryland
Sammmmmmmm GOLD, Jefferson, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
Strength is hard to get, and easy to use
Don't leave the ones you love for the ones you like ; they, too, will leave you for the ones they love

She was an innocent girl
Or so she seemed
But she knew how to ruin my world
Ruin it with dignity and self-esteem

What was once mine,
Is now hers
What I once loved,
Is now hers to hold

She sings her song
She convinces you she can do no wrong
She makes me look bad
Leaving me miserable and mad

Don't leave the ones you love,
For the ones you like
Because they, too, will leave you
For the ones they love

But the siren does not do that
She steals them from me
Steals them mercilessly
She giggles and laughs
And catches them in her traps
She plays with them,
Treasures them,
Gives them the attention I would have given them
She is insincere, but hides it well
To the innocents, life is swell

But then she undoes the trap,
And as always,
She has the last laugh
They cry and plead,
And when that fails,
They come begging back to me

I told them not to listen
That I would be the one they were missin'
But they didn't understand
They just grabbed the siren's hand
And caressed her hair
And sent whispers of love in the air
It was a lost cause,
Because now their hearts are bleeding
And their happiness is peeling

The siren says she's sorry,
That she truly is my friend
Some friend you are!
Stealing what I want,
Stealing what meant something to me
You are no friend
You're just a she-wolf,
In disguise
And I refuse to fall into those puppy-dog eyes
This won't go on anymore
It is time to close the door,
Of what was once our friendship,
Once our laughter
Once our secrets
It will not exist anymore

The innocents return once again,
Asking me to love them despite their sin
I tell them no
I tell them, “I told you so”
Why should I get to be the rebound?
Why am I the one never found?
It is too late,
I have already moved on
And it is your fault for not listening to me
And listening to the siren's stupid little love song

The author's comments:
this is a situation i've been through, so i wrote it based on how i felt. hope you like it :]

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