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October 24, 2010
By MeaganNicole PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
MeaganNicole PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
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barely making it through the heat.

Don't swallow,

it just makes breathing harder.

The sun watches the traveler with glaring eyes,

scalding his beaten back.

Biting winds tear at his hair,

scratching his face with grains of sand

being thrown at him from all directions.

He falls to his knees,

hunger rips through his stomach

and his parched lips ache for water.

He lays in the sand,


blinded from the fields of sand all around him.

Staring up at the near white sky,

it's just as dehydrated as he is.

Not a cloud in the sky.

Nothing but the unforgiving sun looking down on him.

I can't stay here.

I can't surrender now.

He slowly pulls himself from the ground,

violent coughing racks his fragile body.

He stumbles towards the horizon,

still in search of the oasis

that had once been so prominent in his mind.

But like the promise of rain,

the oasis is growing farther and farther away.

His hope drying up in the harsh desert heat.

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