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Darkness without light

October 23, 2010
By Puff_the_dragon PLATINUM, Monroe, North Carolina
Puff_the_dragon PLATINUM, Monroe, North Carolina
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Love can be lost but it will never be forgotten

Tonight I have to cry,
I'm so sad and alone,
This pain is getting worse

Yesterday you made me happy and want you more,
Today you ignored me,
I'd start to talk and you had to leave,
I felt so lonely and used,
I only wanted to be with you

You mean the world to me,
Never left me in my misery for so long,
You're the one who cares most,
So why leave me alone

As these tears start to fall,
Not wanting to stop,
I need to be in your arms,
So you can stop the flow,
Of tears hitting the floor,
Since I can't wipe them away

I wanna know that I'll always be yours,
That other girls can't mesmerize you,
If you left me I'd cry,
I'd wanna die,
I've never been so in love,
Never been so happy,
Never knew that you were always what I needed,
You were always there for me,
In the darkness of my days,
Saying those words that made me smile,
Those words that made me know I could take on anything,
Face the world in the darkest place

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