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She Stood By The Sea

October 18, 2010
By Inkheart GOLD, Cape Coral, Florida
Inkheart GOLD, Cape Coral, Florida
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She stood by the sea
Staring beyond the horizon

Sweet ocean mist rose
Sprinkling her face

She heard its melodic song
Swaying as she stood

Soft hair flowing back
Shone against the changing sky

Standing on the shore
Silky sand beneath her feet

Single tear rolled down her face
Silver it glowed before hitting the waves

Silently it drifted off
Silently she wept

Standing there by the sea
So alone, at the edge of the beach

Sorrow and joy filled her heart
Song of the bittersweet

Slowly memories are drowned by the sea
Swiftly tears wash away

Sky pink, with sun’s last kiss
She quietly whispered farewell

Sorrow and despair no longer she felt
Swallowed by the hungry waves

She left her past back on that shore
Soon to be dragged to the ocean depth

She walked onto that lonely road
Solitary it felt no more

Something new she felt
Swelling inside of her

Sweet fragrance to her heart
Sun shone brighter ever’ more

Stealing back one last glance
Silver moon reflected on water

Soft memories of what once was
Still she turned and continued on her way

Smile caressing her lips
She walked away from that place

She knew what was then lost
Shall never arise again

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