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October 13, 2010
By Tingaree BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
Tingaree BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
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I cannot but help shriek as I let gravity take its toll
From thirty eight feet to below water level, I have fallen
soaring through the very fear that once kept me from jumping.

I hit the surface, and create a splash that spills water out the sides
I see your face even before I reach out from under
Your smile my welcoming embrace

As we carry on, we swim in synchronization
Each powerful stroke channels the water away
While each quick breath of air; a tiny relief

Summer has made our hearts content
Like no material object could ever do

The edge of the pool awaits us;
Not just the end, but the beginning too

The sounds of our laughter could be heard halfway around the world
For today we have no worries
Like the water through which we’ve ventured

Today, we are limitless…

Today we are free.

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