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Eyes & Souls

October 12, 2010
By CastxAwayxRhapsodist SILVER, Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania
CastxAwayxRhapsodist SILVER, Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"a poet doesn’t fear
take a slice of me when you go
and i will write myself better"

Retinas veined with retro/
-section, pupils cluttered with prog/
-gression, he pours his day/
-dreams into coffee cups and jelly jars
Displaying them on shelves for some
body to find or maybe saved for
a rainy day

Irises encased in congealed con-
-fessions, the glassy surface her pos/
-session, nicked by her night/
-mares as whirling strings cluster
together and form smoky
constellations above her head,
tightrope thought bubbles

Iridescent bundles skitter across glass
and opaque surfaces, painting light
shows on the opposite plaster wall

Flimsy silhouetted memories oscillate
on air molecules and exit though the
window she props open 24/7

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