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October 7, 2010
By LoveLostNeverFound GOLD, Freeland, Pennsylvania
LoveLostNeverFound GOLD, Freeland, Pennsylvania
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My scars don't lead me in the path that I'm headed, they simply remind me of where I've been.

do you ever get tired of pretending?
about anything in general?
pretending ur in love?
that you dont care and that u like ur self just the way u r.
who u r
and here ur going in life.
pretending that ur not jealous of others when u really are.
that ur always going to be happy in life?
i know that im tired of pretending...pretending that i love my self...that im not jealous..and that im happy.
im gonna give up..gonna do it!
im gonna show how i truely am..WHO i really am.
im tired of pretending.
todays is my day to proove other people wrong

The author's comments:
my friends my family..n my life...

i hope ppl will learn that its not right to pretend that things arent going on

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