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The girl with two faces

October 5, 2010
By NemoMag GOLD, Hanna, Other
NemoMag GOLD, Hanna, Other
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This Girl has two faces, four eyes, and two mouths
She speaks with two tongues
Words conflicting, mixing, dividing
The Building blocks of sanity
Tumbling, fumbling, crumbling
Down as she reaches –
Always reaches
For where she feels she should stand;
Where they should stand,

The other mind
With the other face
With the other eyes and mouth
Waits patiently
For her chance
To be free of the reflective world
To escape the control
Of the first mind
Seizing the first chance
In the first bout of uncertainty
The minds dance

A slow tango going steadily
Faster and faster
Caught in the friction of the moment
Struggling for possession

The shadows creep

Dancers drowned in dark depression
Dominance wavering
Blue washing over, a tidal wave
Pulling, fluid claws
Lustful greedy fingers
Longer for the two girl's lives

Ignorance's temptation
Holds them in their struggle
They can't break free
(of the steps)
They must break free
(But she just keeps spinning)
They need to break free
(Going out of control)

They Do

As the music dies
And they stare, both gasping for breath
Face to face
Eyes to eyes
Mouth to mouth
They blink, both at the same time
Two minds, one fluid motion
They stare daring the other to blink again

Time slows, embracing them
In the inner silence from the darkest abyss
Of the furthest reaches of hell
Chaos seconds from eruption
At the same moment
The stillness of the shadows
Of the darkness of the blue
Of the strangling stillness of death
Dawns upon them

Just as the first rays of light peak through closed eyes
The absurdity of the fighting
The absurdity of hatred
The absurdity of the situation

No reason can be found
No excuse made
No apology formed
Understanding dawns
The darkness the shadows
Tickling at their toes
Inviting them to start again
To jump up and strangle the other mind
To wait not for the drums or the strings
To attack action without thought
Without hesitation
Without consequences

They resist

Walking hand in hand
Through the quicksilver mirror
They return to the body
That has only one
Face, one mouth
One set of eyes
They fade into the body
Two minds in one face
And stare at the mirror
Half expecting to see two
But they don't
Walking away
Two minds in one body
They can't help but grin at the memory
The memory of the mirror
The memory of the third face

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