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In the end.

October 1, 2010
By Kayseababy143 SILVER, Torrington, Connecticut
Kayseababy143 SILVER, Torrington, Connecticut
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Drown me in the sorrow, drown me in the pain, and drown me in the self confidence you've ever let me gain.

Just a girl stuck in this mysterious world with no way out if optionized.

A girl with many questions that will never be asked, so there for never be answered.

One with thoughts but no visions.

A girl with more pride than you think.

A girl who doesn't believe in Love but believe's there's alot more to it than just caring.

A girl who has learned alot just from one expierence.

One who knows everything happens for a reason, and has learned to accept things as they go.

A girl who now will never take less than she deserves or more than she needs.

One who loves rainbows and believes they have alot more meaning to them than just color; in fact they could change the worst day into the best.

A girl who doesn't let peoples opinions, statements, or rude judgemental comments get to her because she knows peoples opinions cant change who she is.

One who worships the rain but would be lost without those rainbows.

A girl who would do anything just to hear an animal speak their mind.

One who doesn't believe in hattred but does believe in discouragment.

One who believes stereotyping or judging one another is just expressing one anothers fear.

A girl who is learning to let go and give up when she needs to.

A girl who knows what she wants in life, but knows it's going to take alot to get.

One who finally knows who and who not to trust around her.

A girl who shows her emotions but knows her limits.

A girl with many friends but knows who she can truely count on; (herself, her very own best friend).

One who has lost alot of great things in life because her actions.

A girl who wishes you could understand but knows you never could.

One who has taken things for grant way too much and didnt realize it until now.

A girl who yes has made mistakes, but has also learned from them too.

A girl with a totally different mind than you, and thinks way to deep into things.

A girl who knows to believe in herself before she believes in anything/anyone else.

A girl who has over come her fear of self conscience.

A girl you might never understand; but finally understands herself.

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