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Why Is This Happening To Me?

October 4, 2010
By forever-and-always GOLD, Auburn, Indiana
forever-and-always GOLD, Auburn, Indiana
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Why dont the pain go away?
It hurts so much
To know what I know.
I want it all to go away,
The hurt,
The pain,
The heartbreak,
The secrets,
And most of all,
The tears.
Why does it have to be like this?
Was I not enough,
That you had to make someone else Feel this pain also?

This feeling is wrong,
I know this.
But it's here
And it's not planing on going away.
Letting it all out hurts to much,
Why do I tend to hold it all in?
Why can I put that mask on
And only one person can see through It?
I hate this.
The pain of loss.
It'll never go away.

It feels as if I'm losing Everything,
That I've got to give.
Why do people take everything For-granted?
It's wrong.
This feeling inside of me is wrong.
But it's here.
Why wont it go away?

The tears want to fall,
But they wont come out.
I'm so hurt and angry
For letting myself feel this way.
I feel guilty.
But I haven't done anything wrong.
I'm following the path
To wherever it's going to lead me.
But I'm afraid of where it may lead Me.

Why does there have to be so much Pain in my life?
It's always going to be there.
It feels like it's never going to Go away.
I hope that it does.

Everyone always tells me that
It'll all be okay.
But what if it's not?
That it'll all turn out the way It's supposed to be.
What happens when you're about to Lose everything you've got?
Everything that you can hang onto,
Is falling out of place?

I've already hit rock bottom.
Why am I feeling like I'm going to Hit it again?
I don't want to break down.
It feels wrong to break down.
I f I break down,
I'll feel like I'm losing myself Again.
But this torment
And pain
Needs to go away.
I can't take it anymore.

The author's comments:
hard times seem to last longer than the good.

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