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Painted Like a Memory

September 25, 2010
By LilMess PLATINUM, Key Colony Beach, Florida
LilMess PLATINUM, Key Colony Beach, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
Everything we do we are bound to repeat. Thus, excellence is not a chance but a habit.

I wish
Broken dreams
Would come true.
Painted on an easel
So you could see
Just what they were
And just what you wanted.

Midnight blue
Holding face
On your arrogant backdrop…
With the colors of the rainbow
Held on
By brush stroke…
And brush stroke…

Painted into your story
Where dreams-
Broken or not-
Could be seen
And mended.
And each and every
Written from
To yellow
On a blank sheet.

For eyes to see…
For ears to hear…
For a heart to open
In defeat.
Let the land of the broken
Jump to its feet
Open up before you
In colors

Beautiful colors.

So we know…
Just so we know…
How to keep our hearts
From breaking
In tremendous weight
Of hurt
And sin
Of colors black.

Purple iridescence
Come true.

Hold the peace
Call the people written on blank sheets where
Nothing there is that you can do.
Lost and lonely
In your backdrop:
Midnight blue.

The author's comments:
I want you to draw your own conclusions... just think about what the colors represent and what you feel I mean by this. I would love to hear the conclusions you drew.

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