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Dear my demons,

September 22, 2010
By Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
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cant wait til your gone

so i can get some air

this isnt the place you belong

and this isnt fair

but im gonna stand up straight

and tell you i dont care

and this just isnt fair

you can stare me down

and ill shoot you back

but as soon as i hear the sound

of your voice i hit the deck

i know what your like

and ive never wanted to fight

so badly before

i have all the reason in the world

to start this war

i wanna yell until my lungs get soar

to make sure you know what im fighting for

and let you know that

you’ve gone over board

and im laughing as you sink

with not one tear between the blinks

thats not really how i think

im not as horrible as you give off

but id love to pretend

and while im at it,

send you far, far away

with every word pushing you backwords

until i have nothing left to say

cause right now, i have way

too many to shove in your face

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