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August 31, 2010
By jac294 PLATINUM, McMurray, Pennsylvania
jac294 PLATINUM, McMurray, Pennsylvania
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I believe there will not be a day I will not be alive
Forever my soul will carry on with its life
I believe in unity and peace and myself
And that prosperity will arrive with patience and help
I believe there is heaven where balloons stay together
And if you love someone once, you will love them forever
I believe rainbows are signs, and luck is real
And that people truly unite over a meal
I believe justice will be served to sinners in time
And machine is no match for the power of the mind
I believe our dreams are reality in a different world
And man should never underestimate the strength of a girl
I believe we are all equal, no race is the best
And knowledge can never be measured in the form of a test
I believe cancer will be cured and the blind will see
And people will love each other, like you love me
I believe that a friend never truly has an end
And that broken hearts never truly mend
I believe hate is a lie that humanity has told
And if you believe your young, you will never grow old
I believe laughter is the best sound to hear
And life is never something you should ever fear
I believe falling in love is not based on fate
Because we all have a partner, a plan, a soul mate
I believe there are civilizations light years away
And although we deny it, all of us pray
I believe birthdays are important celebrations of life
And the best tome to talk is the middle of the night
I believe rain is good, it cleanses and renews
And the Northern Lights are souls of people close to you
I believe everyone is different, no one is the same
And that our lives are too planned, played like a game
I believe snow is happiness angels bring from above
And that birds sing songs telling stories of love
I believe that dogs are mans’ best friends
And that sadness, like fashion, comes in trends
I believe, inevitably, we all will face tears
And that the days of our lives should be counted in years
I honestly believe I will never walk Earth alone
And any place with open arms, I would call a home
I believe all our faults are called discrimination
And no matter whom the leader, we are the greatest of all nations
I believe that coffee is a vitamin for my heart
And that happiness consists of many different parts
I believe in never saying, or meaning, the word goodbye
And that nothing is as amazing as a clear, starry sky,
I believe that books take me to a new destination
And the most useful tool is clear communication
I believe that happiness is living free and true
I believe in us and I believe in you

The author's comments:
Everyone should believe in something.

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