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September 7, 2010
By Aredhel PLATINUM, Lynnwood, Washington
Aredhel PLATINUM, Lynnwood, Washington
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She gives you candy hearts

you mistake them for your soul

With every kiss you come closer

to falling off the precipice

You tell me there is a building

where there is only air

You’ve sold your heart for a strand of her hair

You play with emotions

and everything’s supposed to be okay

You’re blindness to reality

is fatal

Never mind

You push ahead

The abyss is starring down below

You’ll never know

You’re not listening

Never mind

It’s fun

Who cares that the price is your life?

What will fill the hollowness she’s cut inside

when she leaves and all that’s left is void?

She swallows you whole and makes her incision

You can’t hear the questions I ask

You lean precariously on edge

The rocks crumble under you

‘’Be careful!’’ I shout

You wave at me

‘’Life is fine. All is well. Don’t overreact.’’

I turn away

leaving you here

feels like death

but there is nothing

I can do to keep you

from falling

don’t worry

I’ll leave a rope

maybe you’ll grasp it

at the final chance

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