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This time

September 5, 2010
By Puff_the_dragon PLATINUM, Monroe, North Carolina
Puff_the_dragon PLATINUM, Monroe, North Carolina
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Love can be lost but it will never be forgotten

I breath you in and tell myself i have to let you go,
if you're so wrong i never want to be right,
never want to sleep if you're by my side,
i can be an insomniac,
anything for you,
you let me go and break my heart,
my hearts lost enough blood,
everytime i fall too hard,
they take a small piece,
nobody can fix me,
maybe you can find the piece they took,
i've fell so hard before,
it's in my nature,
so it's no suprise i'm falling hard again,
this time it's gotta be different,
i'm falling apart,
crying from being so distant,
you're whats kept me alive for so long,
watching over me,
i'll never leave you're side,
as you swear i will be yours just as soon as the time is right,
my heart skips a beat but i know time will never go fast enough,
he made me think he was the one,
if you're right tell me now,
so i'm not in mid air forever,
you're so perfect,
this i will always see,
i know you're all i want,
all i need,
but how many times have i said this before,
i bang my head against the wall,
i've said it atleast twice,
but you're making me only wish i was the perfection to every imperfection of yours,
i'll always tell you you're everything to me,
you've made me see that i've been wrong numerous times,
i swear to you this time it's different,
i won't break your heart,
i know how it feels,
so boy tell me i'm yours forever,
don't walk in my life just to leave,
he did that to me,
it hurt so bad,
i don't want it to happen again,
fix me,
fix what they damaged,
fix my heart,
fix it right this time,
it's been used so it doesn't know wrong from right,
so boy i'll stay still waiting,
cause you're the greatest thing for me

The author's comments:
Theres a guy thats been on my mind constantly, he's been there for me for a while so i'm hoping this time it'll be right

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