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Ordinary Girl; Extraordinary Life

September 3, 2010
By JennieSmile11 GOLD, Bridgman, Michigan
JennieSmile11 GOLD, Bridgman, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
Dream until your dreams come truth.

Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.

Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven

Please don’t be offended if I’m always on my phone, It’s not that I’m stuck up you see- I just hate to feel alone.
And if you should glance over when I’m smoothing down my hair,
Know that I try really hard to accept what’s in the mirror.
Also, if you you catch me in sweats with my hair a mess,
The truth is I sometimes feel more myself this way than in tall heals and a dress
And though I care about the size of my heart much more than the size of my jeans, sometimes a “You’re beautiful” is all I really need.
And if you see me laughing loud and think it’s for attention, please just see making others smile is my joy- I hate any sort of tension.

I know it sometimes takes me quite a while to make up my mind, but in every situation, it’s the good I try to find.
I really do believe that gossip and cattiness is wrong, but if you hear me say a thing or two, just remember that I, too, want to belong.
You probably have learned that it’s really rare for me to stay quiet for long, But know I often do like the wind, waves, and birds to be the louder song.

I love and believe in God, but sometimes forget to feel the same about myself- Still I’ll always choose to dream big over letting fear take a hold of me. The worst that could happen if I don’t succeed is it will turn into a beautiful memory.
If I feel I’ve done well, I’ll still always ask what you think; If I’m being silly just respond with a smile and a wink.

Please always believe my answer when you ask if I’m okay. I’ve never been good at lying, so the truth is what I’ll say.
I’ve never cared much for money or the things that it can buy, so I guess if it’s a gift you’d like to give me, I’d like most for your time.
If I act offended, be almost certain I’m joking around
For I find the laughter from family-like teasing to be the loveliest of sounds.

I really don’t get upset too easily, but the truth is I hate goodbyes, so I’ll probably say “See ya later” as a goodbye in disquise.
If I could change one thing about the world, I would ask that each person could see all of the blessings each new day brings, & if you let God shuffle your life’s playlist, you can enjoy any song as long as you choose to sing.

I really don’t understand what’s all that desirable and glamerous about recognition & fame, I guess I just want “Nice and loving” to be thought of with my name.

I do tend to trip and fall more than I probably should, but I have this sudden secret grace when I step onto the dance floor; This is for my family & best friends who know all this and more-

You guys are the stars in my world, the ones who make life so extraordinary for this ordinary girl

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