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I Don't Regret You

August 30, 2010
By thecrystalbudz PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
thecrystalbudz PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
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tried to figure you out
but I really had no thoughts.
Everything that I found out
made me completely overwrought.

You weren't who I thought you were,
but somehow that wasn't a surprise.
I hated myself for believing you,
for believing all your lies.

I don't know how I fell for you,
it proves that looks are deceiving.
But I was so in love with you,
that's why I never ended up leaving.

It felt like the first time I was in love.
Your eyes were so beautiful, it's like I saw your soul,
But I was really trapping myself there,
my heart was the most valuable thing you stole.

I thought that I could change you,
but only you have that power.
In a way I feel sorry for you,
because you're what the drug devoured.

But it was your choice in the first place
and you would act like it was okay.
The truth is that you have no soul
because it was decayed.

My family wanted me to stay away,
but the little girl in me wouldn't listen.
You said things to me that
would make my brown eyes glisten.

Don't think that I regret you
because I learned a lot in a year.
In the end of it all our dead relationship
makes me want to persevere.

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