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Cliche Kiss

August 24, 2010
By brokendreamer GOLD, Otis, Maine
brokendreamer GOLD, Otis, Maine
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As I'm walking down
The old, cracked sidewalk
My hands
Completely shoved
Into the old pockets
Of my worn down hoodie
I can only think
Of my destination
And what will happen
When I arrive
When I finally do
A smile spreads
Acrossed my face
And I step
Into your warm
And welcoming
You grab my hand
And we sit
In the grass
On this cool
Summer night
YOu invited me
To this outdoor movie
And I was
More than happy
To come
I wasn't paying
That close of
To the movie
But neither were you
You grab my face
And kiss me gently
I start to melt
In your strong arms
And kiss you back
Now I'm home
And can think
only a single thought
Kissed at a movie
What a cliche kiss

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