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July 25, 2010
By J.A.M. SILVER, Lacey, Washington
J.A.M. SILVER, Lacey, Washington
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your smiling and laughing
while imalone here crying
on the outside im ok
but deep down inside
my life is chaos
the seem slowly being pulled
unwinding through the patches
that i call my life
every once in a while
you come to fix me up
a wicked seamster
with only money in mind
you sow another patch
push and pull that needle threw
till i feelagain
that everythings ok and new
but little do i know
your wicked little plan
as sson as im good as new
my holes patched up
you pull the needle out
the string unwinds
you laugh
im not ok
but you dont care
go about your business
till you decide ive had enough
then here you come again
knight in shining armor
needle and thread in hand
when will i learn
your really just another one of them
who pushes me down and watches me fall
helps me up the repeats it all
so i say with a tear in my eye
jusst leave me be
the only person i need is me

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