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Plot To Fall Apart

August 4, 2010
By thecrystalbudz PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
thecrystalbudz PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Sitting, staring at this piece of paper
trying to find the words to say.
My sadness is so everlasting,
I fear that it will never go away.

Terrible, how I used to think
there was some good in you.
Fighting, losing what was once everything.
Such a danger you pursue.

Sometimes I have dreams
about you telling me that you miss me.
They will never come true,
at least to some degree.

But when I think about it,
part of this was my fault.
I was the reason for your pain
so our friendship came to a hault.

I still think you deserve
everything that you got.
You needed to learn a lesson,
so we concocted a secret plot.

You needed to feel our pain,
so we decided to break your heart.
I wanted you to know how it feels
to completely fall apart.

Apart, you fell completely
and to my dismay,
I became jealous
of the affection you displayed.

After a while,
I had moved on.
But, I was still mad
that you were gone.

My beautiful best friend
became a victim of your lies.
You attacked her at the heart
and made a comment about her "greenish" eyes.

I think it's sad that you
think I still have feelings for you.
Not after the things you said
and all the shit you put me through.

I think about you from time to time
and the fun we used to share together.
At least it was good while it lasted
because nothing lasts forever.

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