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Daddy Said

August 10, 2010
By chetahgirl20 PLATINUM, Rosemount, Minnesota
chetahgirl20 PLATINUM, Rosemount, Minnesota
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Daddy Said that I was his little angel.
Daddy Said i was the only girl for him.
Daddy Said he loved me.
Daddy Said "good morning, honey."
Daddy Said "good night, sleep tight, sweetheart."
Daddy Said he'd do anything for me.
Daddy Said no matter what happened, he loved me.
Daddy left.
Daddy's been gone for a while now.
But I know Daddy loves me.
He told me so...
Even when I know that he went somewhere without me and I don't know where he is; I know he loves me.
Daddy Said he loves me.
But Daddy's dead.

The author's comments:
i just hoped to reach a variety of people with this one. I think it's a good one, but I just wrote it on the fly... so I have to know what you guys think!!

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