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The Betrayal Led Heart

July 30, 2010
By manda_the_random_poet PLATINUM, Elfrida, Arizona
manda_the_random_poet PLATINUM, Elfrida, Arizona
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Why must I change,
for him to like me.
Watching him pass by,
makes me shake with glee.

It’s going to take time,
to completely let go.
Following my heart,
for the very last time.

Passing off emoticons,
like they are not there.
I cannot take it,
people always stare.

How could this happen,
to a person who hides.
There is always a guy,
who drives me crazy.

He makes a mockery,
of all of my feelings.
Walking like a sniper,
he steals our hearts.

Somehow things turn,
all of a sudden in the right direction.
He takes me in his arms,
with no look of rejection.

There once was a time,
where I was everything you wanted.
Having then losing that thought,
made me feel like I was taunted.

Finding out I’m not good enough,
hurt me more than I expected.
I thought I could handle it,
but my feeling is rejected.

I find out not from you,
but from your best friend.
I try to pursue you further,
but it ends up another dead end.

Seeing you with her,
pushes me over the line.
I am so tempted to jump her,
because she is far from fine.

When you could have any,
but you chose her.
I feel like walking up to you,
and saying DER!!

I resist the temptation,
only because I love you too dearly.
If only I could disguise it more,
I show my emotions way too clearly.

When you look at her,
I seem to want you more.
Yet when I talk to you,
I feel like I am talking to a door.

The way she clings to you,
it makes me sick.
Till I hit the floor puking,
you will always be a dick.

You just blow me off,
when I am expressing my feelings.
Going to your so called girlfriend,
always gambling with others feelings.

Watching you slink away,
makes me think you are a player.
Talking about your ex girlfriends,
just makes you seem gayer.

Thinking you are all big and bad,
makes you look less and less hot.
Making fun of people you hardly know,
just humiliates yourself and gets you into a knot.

Somebody you can’t take is someday coming,
to show you how it feels to feel broken.
Watching in fear as they come,
constantly looking behind you croakin .

The day you meet your match,
I bet you’ll be under the bleachers.
You will be an amateur,
and try and find significant teachers.

He takes my dreams and,
tears them apart.
Watching them squirm,
like a mangled heart.

Wondering what I’ve done,
putting my trust in you.
I guess he figured it out,
that is what he can do.

Following my emotions,
for the very last time.
I’ve lost my trust in you,
making me a silent mime.

I sit in this corner,
writing this poem.
Trying to drown my sadness,
sitting as still as a gnome.

His girl might as well,
try and kill me now.
I’m going to talk to him,
as soon as I find out how.

I shouldn’t but I will,
I at least have to tell him.
The least I want to do,
I hate to see his eyes dim.

Even though he did,
put me through pain.
I owe him,
just one name.

Watching him fade,
from my life.
Seeing him go,
fills me full with strife.

My arms outstretched for him,
finding just plain air.
I stare her down,
just waiting for a dare.

The time finally comes,
when I just have to tell.
Yet when I go up to him,
it is like going into a shell.

I guess I should,
give up some time.
Letting go slowly,
for it makes a mine.

I give him up,
and let her win.
Let her take over,
like a bottle of Gin.

Twirling a razor,
between my fingers.
Tempted to drop it,
while the pain lingers.

Watching the blood,
spill from my veins.
Then goes stiff,
like an old man’s cane.

Letting my tears trickle,
down my cheek.
While the smell of,
rust starts to reek.

The green in her eyes,
slowly starts to fade.
While she is still,
trying to make the grade.

The images go black and white,
she starts to cry.
The background starts to fade,
while she starts to die.

She wakes to shocks,
making her live.
She pulls the cord,
not wanting them to give.

The man of her dreams,
plugs it back in.
Once she awakens,
she begins to grin.

They sway with each other,
watching the blood pump.
Her parents and friends,
gradually start to clump.

The author's comments:
Though this sounds like a normal teenager poem, it is actually rather different when the situation is taken in.This is about a guy I like, well love, but yeah it is complicated

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