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Elmer's A Lover

July 21, 2010
By Kaitt PLATINUM, Petersburg, Virginia
Kaitt PLATINUM, Petersburg, Virginia
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I’m the glue.

That sticky white substance

That kids use to mend ripped paper,

Or eat on a dare.”

I’m the glue.

I hold everyone and everything together;

I’m the bridge that can never break,

Or everyone I love will drown.”

I’m the glue.

I can never give away;

I am the advice that fails no one,

But myself.”

I can’t tell you how I feel,

Because everything I’ve worked to keep together,

Will fall to pieces.

You’re the one who threatens my hold on sanity.”

You’re the nail in my heart,

The throbbing pain that never ceases to exist.

You’re the hole in the glue,

The one that destroys all of my bonds.”

You’re always on my mind,

You’re the echo of the good and the bad.

You’re the silence that ruins me,

The one who turns my haven into chaos.”

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